Jun 22, 2012


Yeah! It's been a while since my last update. So, I'm here with news from my recent activities.

About Nataly Baker, she has been through to the 6th round of SimsVN Next Top Model IV (that's more than I expected). Here are her pics from the competition.

The 4th round - Sport (ways to London 2012). That was a co-op week that we have to do with other. Nataly was in pair with Alessandra Mihalik and Nataly came no.1 :D woh woh !!!!

Nataly Baker and Alessandra Mihalik on fencing !!! Yeah, I always love that sport.
 And the look of Nataly in VictoriaBeckham collection...

The 5th round - Scandal (prostitute, drugs, alcoholic, etc.). She' qualified in this round.
=))) Her eyes look exactly like a drug users =))))
Nataly Baker in Alexander Vouthier Haute Couture 2012

The 6th round which will be judged in next 2 days - Egypt. The key word for this round is wild with egypt eliner, animal print dress :( I don't like this round. I have made 3 version for this round

The 1st one I made befor I realized that it has to be "WILD". That's too elegent, but I like it :D

The 2nd one. That's wild but I forgot to wear dress, I put a flutter behind her but I thought it not NICE
The last one. that's not so really WILD, but it has dress and it flying. I'm just too tired to continue so I send it :(
Finally, I have my own flickr account which I will update every pics from the beginning. If u have one, contact me ok? :D here's mine : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrloveholic/

Jun 1, 2012

Updating: Nataly Baker in SNTM IV Round 2 & Round 3 - Sean O'pry pics

Here's the newest pics of Nataly Baker from SNTM IV. So Nataly is qualified to the third round.

The 2nd round. The topic is "fashion in bathtub" which we had to cutting out clothes from real clothes and wear it for our sims, try a pose to be a fashionable model even in a small bathtub. Nataly is no.2 of this round. :D The pose is custom made by myself.

Nataly is judged as the most "natural" posing in this round

The event of the 2nd round is street style.
Here's Nataly on the street :))
She borrowed the glasses from David Gandy =))))))

The 3rd round, we have to do 2 assignments. The 1st one is makeover in which all sims have to change their way of looking  -  new hairstyle, new hair colour. And all sims have to keep it until the closedown of this season. So, say goodbye to a golden shining hair, and say hello to .....
...a black long and straight hair ( I don't like this).The pose is still mine.
This is a part of FadeOut for SNTM IV. Here's the final pics of remaining sims :D

They're all beautiful, aren't they?

... The second one from this week is cool - The Body Language. We have to describe one word in English with our sims posing, there is no strict to background and clothings or make-up. So, I try Nataly with ......
Yeah! She's flying with a green silk dress and a green silk ribbon :D
I really love this posing. I tried hard to learn how to create a custome pose in sims 3 and the hair is mouse drawing :D. This will be judged for tomorrow so I'll update the score later. And I also made another version of this posing with different background and bleding style.....(This version is only for view, not for the round 3)
I called it "Godess" or "Hiding". It look like she's trying to hide from the sun.
I'm currently working on side project  to make a co-op pics of all sims in a "SHOPAHOLIC" mode. It hasn't completed yet but this is Nataly looking
She has a lot of handbags !!! (The clothes, shoes, earings, hair and of course handbags are manipulated - The pose is made by me.
I have talked alot about Nataly that make Sean so unhappy. It's so long since his last pics.
I tried a new look on Sean and draw him two new hairstyles which is in my future projects.
Sean is smoking and he look so hot, member from simsvn said he look too sexy :)). The pose is from IMHO.
I really love his look in this pics, so marvellous. His lips is sexy D. The hair is drawn by me.

So, that's all I want to share . Stay tuned for the next update

May 19, 2012

Updating - SimsVN's Next Top Model IV - Round 1

The topic for the 1st  round is RED LIPS

And here is my Nataly Baker, she got the 4th place in this round.

In this photo, I have shading skin, put on make-ups (eyeshadow, nail, lipstick, eyeslash) and hair-drawing. I want Nataly to become a modern version of Marilyn Monroe so I drew the hair just like her.

It's just a little sad that 2 out of 4 judges seem not interested on my hair drawing, they just marked it 14-15 out of 20 for hair, when another 2 gave 17 and 20 for that. When I see another pics and compare, some of them have not-so-good hair drawing but they still get the same mark for hair like me, that make Nataly can't get on the top three (What a sad)

May 9, 2012

Practicing for SimsVN Next Top Model

For the last 2 days, I am now practicing on Photoshop which including retouch skin, hair drawing.

This is yesterday work:

Yeah! It's Sean O'pry :D

This is the practice of adding hair based on a preset brush
And...... This is for today working:

It's before. It's still Sean

And this is after Retouch and Hair drawing (the blazer is from D&G)

May 7, 2012

Joining SimsVN's Next Top Model SS IV

Yep! Today, I have joined SimsVn's Next Top Model season IV. I create a new sim named Emily Baker. Here's the two photos of Nataly Baker for the candidating (1 portrait and 1 full body with black underwear).

And about Nataly Baker,  she is the sim version of Emily Baker - a young and famous female super model, so that why Nataly has high cheekbone, skinny and a very model looking :)).

Here's some pics of other candidators:

Yeah, they all look beauty ( my sim look like a dummy to them ).
So, it's just candidating, no worry to much. My weakness is that I have no idea about Photoshop which is a magic tool of winning. They say that I can ask around for help but I do not know anyone who know about Photoshop :(((((.

So, for more information, please visit: http://forum.simsvn.info/forum.php  and please, stay tune :D

May 5, 2012

My Current Work

 Have a sneak of my current work. Hope u'll like it :D

Following is the process that I made this sim. It's not quite difficult but I like it.

1. Original Sim

2. After Moving Sliders

3. After Having Make-Up

4. ...and Finally.

Apr 10, 2012

Aliyah Jasmin & Vincent Lake (Screenshot + Download)

Hi! Today, I will upload my two newest works: Aliyah Jasmin and Vincent Lake ...

The reason why I decided to upload two sims once is my PC gone crashed and crashed again in recent weeks, that make me lost all of my work not once but twice (that drives me mad). So, I do upload all just in case .....

So, here is their screenshots:

* Aliyah Jasmin:

*Vincent Lake:

All CC for both sims are included except eyelash mesh and design by S-club.
The skin for Aliyah is S-club skin version C and for Vincent is NV1 skin sunny
Credits to lemonleaf, darkosims3, s-club for your works

Please don't modify my work without giving credit to me. Please feel free to leave comment, it help me to gain experience for next times.

Aliyah Jasmin: Mediafire.
Vincent Lake: Mediafire.

Apr 7, 2012

New Sim on the way !!!!

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since my last update. I planned to come back few days ago but my computer went crashed and I have lost every undisclosed works. So, this is the lastest and newest work of me, I will upload on Sunday or Monday. Here is a screenshot of him. He could look difference when I officially upload him. Haven't thought of his name also? (I'm too lazy) :(

Jan 17, 2012

News (Bad + Good)

First, since there're many things change in SimsCave forum where I used to upload my work, I want to announce some news. New rules in forum of uploading sims lead me to a decision: I will no longer upload my work in SimsCave forum; I know the moderators have the rights to have that rules applied and since most of CC i use for my sims from TSR, then it's a barrier for me. Then, from now on all my work will only be uploaded in my blog.

Second, there will be no new sims from my blog until March or April, 2012 because I will be busy for my study at university; since it's my last months then there would be many exams, presentations and my graduation project. I really hope that I can get back earlier to see you guys. If you want to contact me, then here is my email address: kieumanhhiep1989@gmail.com or my yahoo messenger: mr.loveholic. Send me an email if you have anything that want to discuss with me. :D. I'll be there and I'll reply you. I promise.

Third, that's really bad bad news. Last week, a friend of my send a link to a website where we both found that a work of mine has been uploaded there but under someone else name, not me. We firgured that he/she tried to change the hair, eye-colours and outfits but it's still my work. I am now trying to contact with that person who uploaded my work and the moderators of forum, but there's still no reply from them. I don't want to make thing complicated, we're not kids anymore, guys; so you don't have to do that with me. I just want the fairness for my hard-working .......If this matter would not be settled down, then I'm thinking of sharing through email only - that's against what I want.

So then, goodbye and hope to see you soon. :D

TUYET LAN - 2nd place VietNam's Next Top Model 2010 (Screenshots + Download Links)

First, I want to say thanks to SackGirl who told me to re-do this project outfits and lookings. After a day of searching, installing and capturing some good pics, finally I've done it. Thank you again, Sackgirl. Without your recommendation, this work may be just stop as a gabbage.                                                                                                                                                                                          This work of mine based on Nguyen Tuyet Lan who came as 2nd place of VietNam's Next Top Model 2010. She's beautiful, someone say that she's skinny but to me, a female model like her is so beautiful in everyway.  Here's she in real life:

She's wonderful, right?
And here's my work (Sorry for bad PS effects):

The CC I use with her:
1. Skin: lemonleaf_skin B2.5
2. Hair: Newsea_SheroFemale
3. Eyeshadow: EA
4. Eyeliner: lemonleaf_eyeliner N2
5. Blush: PralineSims_Mineral Powder Foundation
6. Lip: lemonleaf_candydoll_lipN23
7. Clothes: Lianasims
8. Shoes: EA
9. Accessories:
Earrings: Lianasims
Necklaces: Lianasims
Bracelets: Lianasims
Please don't upload, modify my work without my permission or giving my credit. Thanks
Download: Mediafire.

Sneak Peak on my newest project

Tehee!!! I'm back with my newest project. This time I try to make a sim based on a Vietnamese female model.... This is the newest photos. Download will be soon updated

In Everyday Outfit

In Formal Outfit
What do u think?

Jan 10, 2012

KOTAKOTI ROSE (Screenshots + Download)

Here again another new work of me. This time I decide to create a female sim. She is not actually a super model like usual and she is also not a celeb. I found her picture from a Vietnamese site, they stated her as a "living barbie". Here are her pics:

Then I decide to make a tribute sim of her. At first I tried to make my sim look like her. But for a moment, I thought that I have to be creative, make her look beauty in my way. So I've made this:

Aww, she's still pretty,right?


OK, here is the CC list:

1. Skin: Lemonleaf_skin B 2.5
2. Hair: Newsea Physical Female
3. Eyeshadow: EA
4. Eyeliners: Lemonleaf_Eyeliner N2
5. Lip: Lemonleaf_Candy Doll Lip Gloss N23
6. Outfit: LianaSims3_LolitaDress
7. Accessories: Rosesims2_LolitaHeadAcc
7. Shoes: EA.

Please don't upload, modify my work without my permission or without giving my credit.

Download Link: Mediafire. Enjoy it, friends. ^_^