Jan 4, 2012

SEAN O'PRY (photo+download link)

Finally complete this work.


In game: (sorry of the hairstyle 'cause i have no luck of searching his hair, if u have it and want to share, please let me know)

Custome Content:
Skin: lemonleaf skin B2.5
Hair: Pradasims_AM_Hair_a001
Eyeliner: EA
Lipstick: [PS]Cotton Candy Lip Gloss
Clothes: EA

Download: Mediafire . Required TheSims 3 & TheSims 3 WA patch 1.24 at least.
Please don't upload, copy or modify my work without my permission. Thanks


  1. I really wanna download him but I'm on a mac and I can't open rar files, are tehre other ways I could download him?

    1. I'm sorry. I do not use mac so there's only rar file available :D

    2. Oh man =/ Is he not available on exchange? I'm afraid I'm not as talented as you on making sims. He's my favourite male model right now lol.

    3. No. He's not available on exchange 'cause I do not regist to EA. How about you using UnRarX software on Mac. I've heard that it could extract .rar file :D

  2. Yey I got him thank you so much! I was actually looking at UnrarX the other day but I wasn't sure if it was safe. But it's a risk worth taking to get your masterpiece! Thank you so much! Could we also make suggestions on future sims you make?

    1. Congrat. I'm happy that you could have him in your game.

      Actually, I have not updated my works for a long time. Last time when I really concentrated on sims editing (using Photoshop), I did not make a sim since then. But for now, I'm planning of being back to sim making, so if you have any suggestion, just let me know; i'm really looking for that :D

    2. Ok, my suggestion is Lady Gaga! She's my idol, type "Lady Gaga Tub Hair" on google images, the one with the pink hair and long lashes makes her so breathtakingly beautiful! I'm sure you will do great! Have a nice day! =D