Jan 17, 2012

TUYET LAN - 2nd place VietNam's Next Top Model 2010 (Screenshots + Download Links)

First, I want to say thanks to SackGirl who told me to re-do this project outfits and lookings. After a day of searching, installing and capturing some good pics, finally I've done it. Thank you again, Sackgirl. Without your recommendation, this work may be just stop as a gabbage.                                                                                                                                                                                          This work of mine based on Nguyen Tuyet Lan who came as 2nd place of VietNam's Next Top Model 2010. She's beautiful, someone say that she's skinny but to me, a female model like her is so beautiful in everyway.  Here's she in real life:

She's wonderful, right?
And here's my work (Sorry for bad PS effects):

The CC I use with her:
1. Skin: lemonleaf_skin B2.5
2. Hair: Newsea_SheroFemale
3. Eyeshadow: EA
4. Eyeliner: lemonleaf_eyeliner N2
5. Blush: PralineSims_Mineral Powder Foundation
6. Lip: lemonleaf_candydoll_lipN23
7. Clothes: Lianasims
8. Shoes: EA
9. Accessories:
Earrings: Lianasims
Necklaces: Lianasims
Bracelets: Lianasims
Please don't upload, modify my work without my permission or giving my credit. Thanks
Download: Mediafire.


  1. I love your new header pic. Your latest model looks so cute too. And i don't know what happened to my banner pic. I am going to make another one. Good to have you back.

  2. Good to see u again. My latest model is another tribute to a Vietnamese female model and her skin is quite of tan. But sadly, 2 days ago, my computer went crashed and I have lost everything included her (I forgot to save her). Now, I have to begin from very zero, start download everything again.

    The idea of my header pic is from your banner, I see it very attractive so I decided to make my own with some new styles for each of them :)) I see Sean's new hair is suitable and for the ladies, I put on colourful make up to make them unique :D