Jun 22, 2012


Yeah! It's been a while since my last update. So, I'm here with news from my recent activities.

About Nataly Baker, she has been through to the 6th round of SimsVN Next Top Model IV (that's more than I expected). Here are her pics from the competition.

The 4th round - Sport (ways to London 2012). That was a co-op week that we have to do with other. Nataly was in pair with Alessandra Mihalik and Nataly came no.1 :D woh woh !!!!

Nataly Baker and Alessandra Mihalik on fencing !!! Yeah, I always love that sport.
 And the look of Nataly in VictoriaBeckham collection...

The 5th round - Scandal (prostitute, drugs, alcoholic, etc.). She' qualified in this round.
=))) Her eyes look exactly like a drug users =))))
Nataly Baker in Alexander Vouthier Haute Couture 2012

The 6th round which will be judged in next 2 days - Egypt. The key word for this round is wild with egypt eliner, animal print dress :( I don't like this round. I have made 3 version for this round

The 1st one I made befor I realized that it has to be "WILD". That's too elegent, but I like it :D

The 2nd one. That's wild but I forgot to wear dress, I put a flutter behind her but I thought it not NICE
The last one. that's not so really WILD, but it has dress and it flying. I'm just too tired to continue so I send it :(
Finally, I have my own flickr account which I will update every pics from the beginning. If u have one, contact me ok? :D here's mine : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrloveholic/

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  1. Awesome pics. Really nice editing. I actually like the last one, especially the dress flying. I love the drug one too. I will have to head over to your Flickr and have a look.