Jan 17, 2012

News (Bad + Good)

First, since there're many things change in SimsCave forum where I used to upload my work, I want to announce some news. New rules in forum of uploading sims lead me to a decision: I will no longer upload my work in SimsCave forum; I know the moderators have the rights to have that rules applied and since most of CC i use for my sims from TSR, then it's a barrier for me. Then, from now on all my work will only be uploaded in my blog.

Second, there will be no new sims from my blog until March or April, 2012 because I will be busy for my study at university; since it's my last months then there would be many exams, presentations and my graduation project. I really hope that I can get back earlier to see you guys. If you want to contact me, then here is my email address: kieumanhhiep1989@gmail.com or my yahoo messenger: mr.loveholic. Send me an email if you have anything that want to discuss with me. :D. I'll be there and I'll reply you. I promise.

Third, that's really bad bad news. Last week, a friend of my send a link to a website where we both found that a work of mine has been uploaded there but under someone else name, not me. We firgured that he/she tried to change the hair, eye-colours and outfits but it's still my work. I am now trying to contact with that person who uploaded my work and the moderators of forum, but there's still no reply from them. I don't want to make thing complicated, we're not kids anymore, guys; so you don't have to do that with me. I just want the fairness for my hard-working .......If this matter would not be settled down, then I'm thinking of sharing through email only - that's against what I want.

So then, goodbye and hope to see you soon. :D