Jan 10, 2012

KOTAKOTI ROSE (Screenshots + Download)

Here again another new work of me. This time I decide to create a female sim. She is not actually a super model like usual and she is also not a celeb. I found her picture from a Vietnamese site, they stated her as a "living barbie". Here are her pics:

Then I decide to make a tribute sim of her. At first I tried to make my sim look like her. But for a moment, I thought that I have to be creative, make her look beauty in my way. So I've made this:

Aww, she's still pretty,right?


OK, here is the CC list:

1. Skin: Lemonleaf_skin B 2.5
2. Hair: Newsea Physical Female
3. Eyeshadow: EA
4. Eyeliners: Lemonleaf_Eyeliner N2
5. Lip: Lemonleaf_Candy Doll Lip Gloss N23
6. Outfit: LianaSims3_LolitaDress
7. Accessories: Rosesims2_LolitaHeadAcc
7. Shoes: EA.

Please don't upload, modify my work without my permission or without giving my credit.

Download Link: Mediafire. Enjoy it, friends. ^_^


  1. Wow, the real Kotakoti is supper cute.

    Your Kotakoti is supper cute too. And her outfit really suits her. I love the mouth and nose. Very pretty.

  2. Wow, you're always the first or may be the only one who visit my site. How soon will you release another sim? I'm considering of reshape one of your sim? Is that ok?
    Thank you anyway, the real Kotakoti has an untouchable beauty, very unique but i think the photos are photoshoped so the length of her facial are not the same, that make harder for me to create. So this work of mine, I mostly based on my creation, not the fact like when I did with David !!!!

  3. I am always browsing the blogs i follow. Sims my addictiona and i love your site.
    That's fine if you want to reshape one of my sims, i would be so honoured. I just put a preview up of Ingrid a sim i am going to release this week. You did a great job on your sim. I have many more sims i wanted to release but i worry sometimes i release them too soon. It's just that i create about four sims a week. You think maybe I should slow down. I think best creations are when you let loose and do your own take on the character.