Jan 5, 2012

DAVID GANDY (Screenshot & Coming Soon)

Today I start my new work of David Gandy - another super male model.

After 5 hours of hard working, here is my screenshot of him in my game:
Compare to this photoshot:

This pic I use difference hairstyle

I think the limit of slider that I use, so his cheek bone and jaw can not be exactly the same as David in real life. I want to reshape his facial until' satisfy so I will update download link later.

Because I'm in the senior year in university, so this work may took me more time than when I create Sean O'pry and I'm also looking for his outfit. If u do know or have suitable outfit, please let me know. :D                   


  1. I like the pic in cas, looks very good. That hair actually suits him. Finding hair and the right clothea can be a pain. Good luck with this project.

  2. @Sackgirl: Thank you and I totally agree with u that to find the suitable clothes are hard, for male sims are nearly impossible 'cause creater have their interest on female fashion. That's hurt :((