Jan 8, 2012

DAVID GANDY (Screenshot + Download + Sneak Peak)

Finally I complete this long project........

Luckily, Rusty Nail have this outfit made long before :D

The underwear is from PRADASIMS COLLECTION :D


Custome Contents that I used:


Dowload Link: MEDIAFIRE.  Enjoy it friend and leave a comment, don't just download it and go away.

Sneak Peak for my next project:D

This time I decide to create a female sim. What do u think of her look?


  1. You have out done yourself. Amazing. I have to say it, i love this one better than your previous one(still love your Sean) and that is not a bad thing, just means you really nailed this guy looks. He looks awesome. Pat yourself on the back. He looks so hot with the glasses. You must be very happy. Brillant work my friend.

  2. Sackgirl: Thank you so much. I have put so much time for his facial to be difference from Sean (you know what my friend said about him and Sean). And I also spend time to find his clothes (poor Sean, I have done something like that to him :( ); and when everything is done, I smiled like never before because I love that look of him, I love how my efforts turn out to be so great.
    P/s: What do u think of my next project's sneak peak ?

  3. Your efforts paid off. You should be proud. Your female sim looks cute. I like her nose.

    Have you decided what skin to use. I find playing around with all the non default skins can really change a sim's features. I usually make three copies of the same sim and try different skins and then spend hours like you, tweaking their nose and their mouth.
    Or maybe that's just me. I spend way too much tiime making sims.
    It will be interesting to see how she turns out. She has a nice oval face.

  4. I want to turn her into a blondie-lolita looking with big eyes, cutie lip-shape, oval face. Ahhh, that would be so great..I'm dreaming of that moment. :D

    Actually, I only prefer lemonleaf skins, her works are unbelievable. In her skin post, she also posted a comparison photo, for example: in her skin of 3.0 version, you can notify that the nose bridge is more highlighted than in 2.5 version, make it more straight ====> difference skins make differences features on how your sims look like. I wish that I my self make a non-default skin !!!! What a trouble if u don't know how to use Photoshop !!!!

  5. I know how to use photoshop, well just to edit photos but i am not very good at it yet. I wish i could make a skin too. I use to until skins like Ephemera and Navetsea skins came along. I love Ephemera skins but i have fallen in love with Tifa Mixv face skin(it was at the sims cave). And capital sims luxury skins. I do like Lemonleaf too and yes certain skins do alter sims noses or eye shape.
    Lemonleaf skin is probably a good bet for turning her into a lolita ^_^
    You will get there.

  6. He is so handsome. Amazing work.