May 7, 2012

Joining SimsVN's Next Top Model SS IV

Yep! Today, I have joined SimsVn's Next Top Model season IV. I create a new sim named Emily Baker. Here's the two photos of Nataly Baker for the candidating (1 portrait and 1 full body with black underwear).

And about Nataly Baker,  she is the sim version of Emily Baker - a young and famous female super model, so that why Nataly has high cheekbone, skinny and a very model looking :)).

Here's some pics of other candidators:

Yeah, they all look beauty ( my sim look like a dummy to them ).
So, it's just candidating, no worry to much. My weakness is that I have no idea about Photoshop which is a magic tool of winning. They say that I can ask around for help but I do not know anyone who know about Photoshop :(((((.

So, for more information, please visit:  and please, stay tune :D


  1. Your Sim doesn't look too bad. I am no master at Photoshop, you should try people like Jaedub, she does excellent photos, they are so many people who are masters at Photoshop. Good on you for entering. Yeah glad my PC is working.

    1. Oh really? May be I should contact her/hi; others play sims 2 and they gain a very advantage on making a nice photos that make me worry.