May 19, 2012

Updating - SimsVN's Next Top Model IV - Round 1

The topic for the 1st  round is RED LIPS

And here is my Nataly Baker, she got the 4th place in this round.

In this photo, I have shading skin, put on make-ups (eyeshadow, nail, lipstick, eyeslash) and hair-drawing. I want Nataly to become a modern version of Marilyn Monroe so I drew the hair just like her.

It's just a little sad that 2 out of 4 judges seem not interested on my hair drawing, they just marked it 14-15 out of 20 for hair, when another 2 gave 17 and 20 for that. When I see another pics and compare, some of them have not-so-good hair drawing but they still get the same mark for hair like me, that make Nataly can't get on the top three (What a sad)

1 comment:

  1. Nice, i like your hair textures what you drew and i love the skin shading.