May 9, 2012

Practicing for SimsVN Next Top Model

For the last 2 days, I am now practicing on Photoshop which including retouch skin, hair drawing.

This is yesterday work:

Yeah! It's Sean O'pry :D

This is the practice of adding hair based on a preset brush
And...... This is for today working:

It's before. It's still Sean

And this is after Retouch and Hair drawing (the blazer is from D&G)


  1. Awesome work, you learned quicker than me. Very nice work. Love it. God i suck at Photoshop.

    1. Thank for good comment, Sackgirl. You know that I've searched for dozen of hair drawing tutorial and I mixed it. I think that you should practice more and more. For me, for everytime I do it, I've learnt new trick and new way to do it quicker and better :))

  2. Hi! He's looking fine. And where did you get the hair in the last pic? It looks nice *.*

    1. Hi! Thanks for ur comment. The hair here is my drawing :D