Jan 6, 2012


Don't know what to say.....

Really don't know what to say and what to do next....

U guys know that I am concentrating on create Sim. My first share is Sean O'pry and it is well received, it make me feel confidence and I start with my new project of David Gandy.....

After posting the trial screenshot of him, somebody told me that he looks the same as Sean O'pry, she can't figure out a difference. AHHHH, WHAT A SADNESS; I am not a lazy person; everytime I create a sim, I randomly pick a premade sim that provided by EA and then I use sliders, carefully each by each, compare to original person and re-do it until I think it's good enough. I REALLY CONCENTRATE ON THAT.

Do you think there is no difference between them?


  1. They do not look the same, i can see David has a different mouth and cheek bones. Also if you think about it, all models tend to have the chiseled look which is why some models resemble other models. This is just the start of your project so don't give up. As sims creators we all tend to like certain features. I find i can't get away from the pouty mouths and certain nose types. I have been trying to do other nose types and mouths. Remember you still have work to do on this sim so his features will become more like David. In my opinion they do not look alike. Don't worry i have female sims that i made and sometimes i swear they look like the same person it's only until someone else tells me there not.

  2. That's so nice of u Sackgirl. I think because of their photo from web are most photoshoped so they would look the same to each other and because The Sims is limited in their cover of facial sliders so we can't make exactly the same sims to real people. The nose and the mouth, they really took time to do. I'm still searching for his features... ah, i feel better now. Thank u so much :D

  3. They are not the same, people might say so because of the bone structure, it's what fashion industry professional look for, the bone structure!