Jan 3, 2012

1st Time

After 9 years of playing The Sims series, today I finally decide to open this blog in order to upload and share my workings (actually I only can create sim). Athought that I'm an Asian and I have no experience in 3D and a very little knowledge in PS, the fact is I REALLY LOVE THE SIMS.
 I have no interest in feminie looking Sims like others work from Asian bloggers like lemonleaf or heiret, I am interested in Western looking like model Sean O'pry, so most of my sim would be Western looking.
So, come and join me, I really love to be your friend and I'm going to share my first working of super male model Sean O'pry for tomorrow :D


  1. Congrats on opening your blog up. Isn't it exciting. I opened my blog after seeing so many great sites out there, with all these wonderful sims and Custom content. I like you, can only make sims and not celeb sims.

  2. Hello Thanks For Sharing , I play The sims game 12 years already . and also just opened a blog of my sims creations :) didn't had chance to try to make celebs yet ...I did made some clothing for the sims 2 but lost the files way back than lol anyhow your sim look great !

  3. @SocialSim: Thanks for ur comment. I always want to keep my sim photo look the same as how it looks in game; so, i decided not to use photoshop too much. Like u know, some sims that people upload on their blog look awesome or perfect but when u put it in your game, they don't look the same even if you maximize the graphic setting. So, welcome to my blog :D

  4. @Sackgirl: Really, me the same. After visiting danzxncrd's blog, I wonder that I should open one. I don't know how to use 3D to create stuff and hair and others, so I decide to create sim. When I creating sim, I really want to make it "really nature" because I don't like doll-looking sim with too tiny nose, big eyes, look cute like an anime girl :)) So, great to be your friend.